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Ideas aren't worth much until you can bring them to life. Here are some of the side projects I've thought up and may tackle in the future. If you'd like the idea enough to take it to market, be my guest!

SIDE PROJECT 01 - cremedelacreme.NET is an easy-to-digest list of my favorite articles from across the web. Each article includes a short summary of 1) why they are worth reading and 2) what the core concept is. This list of articles is pulled from the best 390 (and counting) articles I've "favorited" in Pocket (a great app that I am a power-user of).

SIDE PROJECT 02 - man cards inc.

MAN CARDS is a web company that sells masculine "thank you" cards. The business strategy is to start as a curation site, directing site visitors to the best masculine "thank you" cards on the Internet. With this start, the only fees will be minimal (cost of web domain and hosting) because there will be no inventory or overhead with an opportunity for ad revenue. If a long-tail ad campaign helps visitors to find the site and it becomes the Internet's best resource to purchase masculine "thank you" cards, phase two includes the design of MAN CARDS' own line of "thank you" cards designed by men for men.

SIDE PROJECT 03 - fivestarcoffeeshop

FiveStarCoffeeShop is an app that rates coffee shops in major cities (starting with New York City) across a dozen plus metrics that are important to anyone who works at coffee shops. Includes cross streets of all coffee shops, diners and other public work spaces in a city, broken down by neighborhood. Ratings are out of five stars and each entry includes a host of metrics (not unlike the Music Genome Project), such as: size of location, number of seats, restroom availability, restroom cleanliness, accessibility of wall plugs (for laptops), friendliness of staff, competence of staff, peak busyness times, music, music volume, how comfortable it would be to have a private conversation, vibes, decor, if it's a spot for locals, tourist traffic, line wait, restroom line wait, etc. Rating mechanism would be both by app admins and crowd sourced (like ratings on Beer Advocate). App users would be able to easily find great work locations across the city and coffee shops would get more business. This could be extended to co-working spaces and other spots where people can do work.

SIDE PROJECT 04 - is an online productivity resource center that helps people to figure out how to do things in the most efficient way. Includes a library of life hacks and resources on the best ways to do things that can't be resolved with a quick Google search. Basically, it's like a library of life hacks and skills, like Quora meets Lifehacker.


Collaborate with beer brewers to create an underground brewery in an undisclosed location that specializes in high-gravity beers (like 13% ABV Imperial Stouts). This hidden U.S. brewery may or may not have an actual location; it could be a consortium of microbrewers who team up to supply beers that they've cellared or corked to a central shipping location that then manages distribution across the U.S. for Fallout "members" or to anyone who catches wind of this word-of-mouth beer project. This can be driven by apparel, growlers, home brewing apparatus, "I survived the zombie apocalypse" stickers, etc.