Zachary M. Cochran

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I am the Managing Member of Cochran Coaching LLC. I have coached individuals in various industries and environments, including: entrepreneurs, tech employees, museum personnel, college students, and more. I am a certified career coach and possesses SkillScan’s Career Driver and Express Certification (CDEC). I work with clients in New York City and in the Washington D.C./Baltimore/Annapolis (WBA) area. My formal coaching experience began in 2009 when I coached business strategy students who were running $100+ million-dollar businesses in simulation, and they achieved success as global finalists in the CAPSIM Foundations Challenge.

Prior to this, I was the Manager of Visitor Experience at the American Folk Art Museum in New York City. I did everything from unlocking the Museum's doors to host the Museum's Trustees. I wore many hats: I managed the gift shop (which does seven figures in sales annually), managed the 5,000 sq foot facility, oversaw the Museum's security, supported special events, welcomed visitors and customers and handled their questions or problems, managed the museum's e-commerce site and more.

My professional experience is across several industries, incorporating the themes of strategy, communications, and business management. Prior to my role as museum manager, I worked at advertising agency CPXi (now, Digital Remedy) where I ran their internal communications, oversaw their public relations efforts, and even managed part of the facility. There, I frequently interacted with and supported the organizations C-level executives. I captured and shared human interest stories of employees and executives with clients and the world.

I have also worked at The Dilenschneider Group, a traditional public relations firm with a roster of influential clients spanning industries. I ran accounts, developed Corporate Communications plans, wrote the organization's new hire orientation handbook, and supported more than a dozen of the firm's Principals with their accounts. I was also the organization's help desk and developed a methodology to hunt down near-impossible-to-find contact information.

I write things. If you'd like to check out my first novel, which I wrote in a month as a part of the National Novel Writing Month challenge, go to my novel page. I write about the discipline of parkour on Medium. I am currently writing a second novel as well as a book of collected reflections on my faith.

I moved to New York City in 2006 from my hometown of Annapolis, Maryland, and relocated to Maryland in 2017, though I travel back and forth often. I am an alumnus of The King's College and a long-time member of Apostles NYC.


Some fun facts about me. I...

  • am an active practitioner of parkour
  • went to college in the Empire State Building
  • was a recipient of the Founders Scholarship
  • was the Valedictorian of my high school class
  • used Google Glass as a Glass Explorer
  • was an American Ninja Warrior course tester
  • am an avid table top board gamer